GeoGebra Resources Website


GeoGebra Help 3.2
• the same help accessed through GeoGebra>Help>Help
• content topics and keyword search feature

Basic Help
• quickstart guide, introductory book, link to YouTube GeoGebra channel (many tutorials), and the official manual

GeoGebra Know How (Advanced Help)
• keyboard shortcuts, tutorials, javascript methods, exporting and embedding information, etc.

GeoGebra User Forum
• search topics and ask your own questions

GeoGebra Upload Manager
• free server access to save GeoGebra files including HTML and .ggb
• designed for use with the GeoGebra wiki
• also link to this from the GeoGebra wiki page

Other Resources Related to GeoGebra

GeoGebra Wiki (Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska)
• see specifically the "Learn and Teach GeoGebra" link

HighAIMS GeoGebra workshop resources (wiki)
Screencasts by topic and "GeoGebra Movie Tutorials" with basic skills

Livescribe Audio Pen

Help/Support page
• includes Livescribe Desktop application download

Free Screencast Software