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Bag of Marbles

Fly by Conditional Function

Strandbeest (on

Additional Examples:
- Download GeoGebra file (animateAdjHypocycloid_EDCinME.ggb)
- Download Web page (animateAdjHypocycloid_EDCinME.html)

Help Files:

Note that there multiple methods to achieve animation in GeoGebra, even of just a single point along a line. Experiment with different methods!

Animate a Point (simple horizontal movement)

Animate a Point on a Function (includes linear and sine functions)

Vary Speed and Direction of an Animated Point (using a slider)

Animate a Point on a Circle (using trigonometry)

Animate a Point on a Circle - 2 Methods (using angle measure and trigonometry - see screencast)

Animate a Point on a Moving Circle