Presentation Resources:


Animate a Point on a Function (includes linear and sine functions)

Animate a Point on a Circle - 2 Methods


  • free online tool; requires Internet connection
  • works without a login or account
  • drag to select capture space
  • supports use of a built-in camera (BETA feature, may not be fully functional)
  • add multiple notes and turn on or off limited feature set including cursor halo and audio
  • download to your hard drive in .mp4 (QuickTime), .flv (Flash) or .avi (Windows Media) formats

LiveScribe Audio Pen Help/Support Page (see links on right sidebar)

Jing (free version)
  • free application download; works offline
  • requires a login (but can use a fake e-mail address)
  • drag to select capture space
  • screenshots as well as screencasts
  • some editing features
  • download .swf file (Flash) to your hard drive