The Session 1 project is to (1) create and (2) upload a GeoGebra file that animates an object along the path of a function.

1. The file should meet the following 4 minimum criteria:
This file may, but does not need to, incorporate other elements such as check boxes, dynamic text, and images.

O At least 1 animated object following the path of a function
• the slider may be visible or hidden
• the object may be a point, an image, or something else

O A graph of the function (including the path of the object)
• the graph can be always visible or shown using a check box, slider, etc.

O A brief text explanation (in the GeoGebra file itself!) of how the animation works in your specific file
• communicate clearly
• your audience is a student or teacher trying to understand how you created the file
• use specific object names and values from the file
• the text can be always shown or shown using a check box, slider, etc.

O A title

2. Share your file with the facilitator using a USB flash drive or upload it to this wiki page (temporarily).