The Session 2 project is to (1) create and (2) share at least one screencast (save the file to your hard drive) or pencast that captures an explanation of a mathematics concept or a GeoGebra file or applet, explaning at least one of the following; aim your explanation at a middle school student audience:

  1. the math and process "behind the scenes" of a GeoGebra file
  2. how to use an applet to learn math concepts
  3. a math concept (for example, explaining a math concept in a pencast)

If you are using a GeoGebra file, you can choose to use your animation file from last time, one of the examples on the handout:

or a file from the samples shared with you on the flash drive, or on the GeoGebra wiki or on the lists at the bottom of


1. The screencast or pencast should meet the following minimum criteria:

O Between 1 and 4 minutes long

O State the purpose of the screencast or pencast (see 1-3 above)

O Include simultaneous recorded audio

O Explanation of mathematics (fits one of the three purposes, above)

2. Upload your file to this site (temporarily) or share with the facilitator on a USB flash drive
  • include "PPS-S2_firstName" as the start of the file name, replacing "firstName" with your own first name
  • if uploading, post a link on this page with your first name (do NOT include your last name)