Learning Intentions:
  • communicate mathematical thinking coherently and clearly to peers, teachers, and others (NCTM, 2000)
  • technology operations and concepts: students select and use applications effectively and productively (NETS #6)

Success Criteria:
  • have fun learning
  • create a digital image and use GeoGebra to import the image and find an equation of a curve in the image
  • gain skills making screencasts related to GeoGebra and mathematics (use hardware and applications effectively)
  • communicate mathematical thinking and process clearly


1. Introductions and Join the Wiki (so you can upload files)
  • Request to join using a school e-mail address and a Wikispaces account; if new to Wikispaces, confirm after receiving your e-mail, then wait to be accepted
  • Use the "shared" user: Login using the information given to use a shared login/username

3. Session 3 Project: Using GeoGebra to Find an Equation for an Object's Curve

4. Closure/Share Projects (Yes, we will take time to do this during the session!)