The Session 3 project is to (1) create and (2) share at least one screencast (save the file to your hard drive and post on this wiki) that incorporates the following:

  1. a digital image imported into GeoGebra
  2. a curve (in GeoGebra) that approximates a curve in the image, with it's equation
  3. an explanation of your process, thinking, and learning

You can create your own GeoGebra file or download and use this file:

This is an example file:

(This file was made using and exported in the QuickTime (.mp4) format.)


1. The GeoGebra file should meet the following minimum criteria:

O Include an imported image

O Match a curve to part of the image (as best you can - play with it!)

2. The screencast should meet the following minimum criteria:

O Between 1 and 4 minutes long

O State the purpose of the screencast

O Include simultaneous recorded audio

O Explanation of where the image is from

O Explanation of the "set up:" how the image and GeoGebra axes and any reference point(s) are configured

O The equation

O At least 2-3 things you noticed/learned about mathematics while working on this file

3. Upload your file to this site (temporarily) or share with the facilitator on a flash drive
  • include "PPS-S3_firstName" as the start of the file name, replacing "firstName" with your own first name
  • if uploading, post a link on this page with your first name (do NOT include your last name)